1. I understand the HAY-EASY Trailer Tarp is custom made, and will be made according to the measurements and specifications I have provided.   I understand I am responsible for making and providing the measurements, and any error in the measurements are my responsibility and will not result in any refund or cancellation of this order.
  2. I understand there are inherent risks to installing a HAY-EASY Trailer Tarp, and accept and assume such risks.
  3. I have read and accept the following Waiver of Liability:
The HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp requires proper installation and operation as provided in the instructions provided to the purchaser.   Purchaser is responsible for proper installation and operation of the HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp to purchaser’s unique application.  JLT Enterprises, LLC guarantees the manufacture of the HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp against manufacturing defects, but cannot, and does not make any warranty or representations regarding the individual installation and use of the HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp. 
As a condition of purchase and before installing and operating the HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp, the purchaser will from the date of purchase, indemnify and hold harmless JLT Enterprises, LLC including manufacturer and retail organization, from any and all liability, causes of action, claims, demands, costs or debts of any kind or nature, incurred or arising from or out of the purchaser’s or other’s use of the HAY-EASY™ Trailer Tarp.

We are not responsible for incorrect given measurements and there are no returns or exchanges due to incorrect measurements provided to us.